Exquisite Cupcakes - Extraordinary Cupcakes for all occasions!
Exquisite Cupcakes creates each batch of our decadent cupcakes by hand.  Our cupcakes are baked fresh from scratch only hours before delivery or pick-up.  We use the finest, all-natural ingredients that make cupcakes that are delicious to eat and beautiful to look at.
On this page you will find:
Our indulgent cupcakes are
available in THREE sizes.
  <Petite Treats >
$10.00 - $15.00 per dozen
   <Traditional Cupcakes > 
$20.00 - $35.00 per dozen
 < Grand Cupcakes > 
 $30.00 - $50.00 per dozen
~~~  Prices depend on cupcake flavor/design ~~~
Cupcake Type
Traditional Cupcakes
Grand Cupcakes
$ 10.00*
$ 20.00**
Gourmet Collection
$ 12.50*
$ 25.00**
$ 40.00**
Premium Collection
$ 15.00*
$ 35.00**
$ 45.00**
* MINIMUM ORDER = 2 DOZEN per flavor 
** MINIMUM ORDER = 1 DOZEN per flavor 
Note:  A 50% Non-refundable deposit is required for orders of 2+ dozen
Colossal Cupcakes


Character/Premium Colossal Cupcake
Character/Premium Colossal Cupcake
Start at $50

Our Colossal Cupcakes serves 10 - 12 (maybe more, maybe less...depending on how BIG you like your slices), and can be decorated any way you like!  You can choose any of our flavor and frosting combination you would like!
Prices start at $25.00
Cupcake bouquets make wonderful birthday, get well soon, and just thinking of you gifts.  Cupcake bouquets make great centerpieces for weddings, showers, and parties.  Prices vary on size and bouquet type.
If you have a smaller budget, you may choose our Bouquet Lite designs.  The Bouquet Lites are a little less lavish than our custom Exquisite Bouquets, but still leave a great impression.
Our Exquisite Bouquets are created in a variety of containers...ceramic pots, bowls, glass vases, mugs or baskets.  Available in any color you can imagine!
Bouquet Lites are smaller bouquets created in disposable containers.  Bouquet Lites are available in the same variety of colors as Exquisite Bouquets.
Exquisite Bouquets
~Petite Bouquets~ 
starting at $20.00
~Traditional Bouquets~ 
starting at $35.00
Bouquet Lite
~ Petite Bouquet Lites ~
7 Cupcakes - starting at $12.00
19 Cupcakes - starting at $42.00
~ Traditional Bouquet Lites ~
7 cupcakes - starting at $20.00

Cupcake Cakes
Our Cupcake Cakes are essentially cakes made of cupcakes.  Cupcakes cakes are designed to be pulled apart,  making it a more convenient option to regular cake since no knife is needed!  These cakes look terrific and are a wonderful option for someone who would like to serve cupcakes at their event,yet want the look of a traditional cake.
Cupcake Cakes can be made with traditional or petite cupcakes, and can be decorated with any design you choose.
Thomas The Tank Engine Cupcake Cake
45 Traditional Cupcakes                                    
Petite Cupcake Cakes
(Minimum 12 cupcakes)
Starting at $15.00
Traditional Cupcake Cake
(Minimum 12 cupcakes)
Starting at $35.00
Happy Birthday Cupcake Cake
19 Petite Cupcakes